Simply put, jDesktop is a comprehensive solition for web application development. It integrates 3 components:

  • Application Server. A multi-threaded, event-driven JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • Libraries. Written in javascript. For example: path manipulation, GUI elements, Charts, etc.
  • Visual Designer. The development environment, with which you can create/manage your applications including client as well as server side codes.
Further information on the jDesktop:
  • JavaScript on both server and client side
  • Object-Oriented and Event-Driven design
  • Wide range of available libraries
  • Integrated Development Enviroment for easy development
  • Multi-threaded javascript application server
  • High performance ensure high throughput even over limited bandwidths
  • Secure and reliable – Encryption and digital signatures
  • Supported and maintained – Guarantee of high availability
  • Platform and operating system independent – MS Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris
  • Cost savings – Elimination of repetitive and risky integration tasks
  • Free license for non-commercial use

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